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Inner Transition

A group who meet to express their attitudes to the challenges of peak oil and climate change.
Anyone feeling depressed/disempowered/concerned for future generations who may be feeling isolated would be welcomed to this group.

Here we can talk of our dreams and visions, our fears and anger, our grief, passions and our aspirations.

We take time to look into our ” inner space “, to tap into those dreams and visions. To discuss the processes which support us in the practical work we need to do to facilitate both outer and inner transition. We could say that our inner conflicts might reflect the outer conflicts and therefore this is an essential part of our work in the Transition Movement.

It is ” the art of not always doing stuff” as expressed by Sophie Banks of TT’s Totnes.

It is a space where we come to replenish ourselves so that we feel supported as we carry on our work aiming to sustain the planet. A place where we feel we are connected, have allies, so we are not alone.

It could be said that out practice taps into the clan system, the ancient wisdom and traditions where all members looked to support their brothers and sisters.

We often work with Joanna Macy’s book – “Active Hope” a wonderful title and an inspirational read. Hope is not passive, it is active!


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