Articles: Prout’s approach to sustainability and resiliency

Prout is the acronym for ‘Progressive Utilisation Theory’

Prout is a social and economic theory developed in 1959 by the late Indian scholar-author and activist Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. Mr. Sarkar sought a practical alternative to the theories of Marxism (communism) and Capitalism.

Prout shares many ideals with the Transition Town movement, such as decentralisation and localism, ecological sustainability, and the importance of inner transition.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 16.15.16Prout is based on universal values recognising and protecting the rights of all to the fulfilment of their basic needs; the protection of the environment, plants and animals; and a dynamic, incentive-based multi-tiered economy with local and cooperatively-employee-owned enterprises at it core. It encourages a balance in the effort of satisfying individual and collective needs.

We present here on TTWP.NET a series of articles, many of them the original works by Mr. Sarkar, highlighting Prout’s approach to making any socio-economic zone in the world greener, more sustainable and suitable for people to develop all their potentialities.

Please give your comments in the comment section of each article. We have much to gain by understanding where Prout and Transition Town overlap in the areas of economics, history, sociology, activism, ecology, and inner transition

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